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100 shots of loud whistles and reports.
25 shots of loud whistles and reports.
25 shots of mines, palms, whistling and chrysanthemums with yellow, silver, purple, and green colors.
You’ll find fluttering fish, tiger tails, chrysanthemums, palms, and glittering effects with a variety of colors – red, green, blue, gold, yellow, purple, and orange.
48 shots of multi-color pearls with a finale shot.
Light up your own parade with 20 big breaks of red, white, and blue.
9 shots of big red, green and yellow palms.
49 shots of crackling mine to colorful palms and crackling chrysanthemum. Colors include gold, red, green, silver, and yellow.
Large spider pillars burst into the sky one right after another, then explode with bright stars, crackle and chrysanthemum effects. Colors include red, white, purple, green and blue.
35 shots of double layer effects with crackling mine to gold tails with tons and tons of crackle.
Includes a lot of glitter tails with an array of colorful palm trees with chrysanthemum, crackling, and pearls.
This 200 Gram has 9 shots of blue stars with loud reports.
16 Shots. Gold chrysanthemum with white strobe, gold chrysanthemum with green strobe, gold chrysanthemum with red strobe.
Classic all in one fireworks show in a small package. Starts out as a fountain with red and green spark, finishes with 7 aerial shots of red and blue stars.
Gold chrysanthemums with white strobe; Gold chrysanthemums with green strobe; Gold chrysanthemums with red strobe.
This fan favorite has 96 fan-fired shots of color pearls and crackle bouquets with tails and whistle.


6 pack of night time parachutes.   1 shot each with parachute and strobe returning to the ground
Assorted Colors 10 Inch Sparklers 8 per box
Loud and Nasty.  12 shots with huge loud breaks.

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